Since our request for donations for the new Boca medical clinic, the clinic has received numerous monetary as well as item donations from our generous guests and friends. We are touched by the generosity of many guests of the Casa who responded so open heartedly to help establish the Medical Clinic in the Boca.

Contributing to the building of the clinic is a concrete opportunity to make a real difference in a village where a connection has been made with both the landscape and its’ people, even if it was for only a week. We are amazed at the generosity of guests, coming for the first time and then wanting to help the local people.

Marta continues to work with the village to furnish the clinic with needed medical supplies as it builds slowly. Our experience thus far of the Boca “medical clinic” has been a “traveling one”! From bringing our own daughter to Marta’s home for injections many years ago after she was hospitalized for an infection, to Marta coming to our aid at a local restaurant one evening when a guest had her toe broken and needed immediate medical intervention. Despite a lack of supplies, the “clinic” was always open to help! What also has always impressed us is there never was a charge for service rendered, only a humble request to offer whatever you could afford.

Guests last year had the opportunity to gain direct inspiration with a few visits at the Casa from Larry McPhereson. Larry is a Canadian that lives part time in the Boca and contributed a large some of his personal funds to start the Clinic Project, renting and renovating the space and covering other facility costs. The items that and funds that you have donated will go a long way, but there still is along way to go in assessing all the health needs of the community and placing the limited resources into the areas recognized as  highest priority for the residents.

Larry is trying to establish a non-profit for contributions to be made and we will keep you updated. Meanwhile, we ask that any further donations should be brought when attending a workshop as shipping them has become too costly.
Thank you again for truly making a difference.

-Monica, Bob and La Boca