…This is a newsletter that Karla sent out on Dec. 1 and we wanted to share it with everyone. Many of our guests have been very generous with donations for helping spay/neuter the animals in Boca and since Karla started this about 10 years ago there has been a noticable difference in the health of the animals and the number of strays in Boca, though there is still much to be done…Anyone visiting the Casa, The Patio Gallery and Boca de Tomatlan that wishes to make a donation to the cause in either $, leashes, collars, dog and cat toys, etc. etc. etc. contact Karla at : bocadivers@yahoo.com  or visit the dive shop when you get to town, (you should do that anyway):

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The Boca de Tomatlán community loves it’s cats and dogs, but also suffers of an overpopulation of street dogs and cats, some not so healthy.
Why is there overpopulation?
Due to the many unwanted litters from the local dogs, and also because of the many non-local dogs abandoned on the Boca beach.
On one hand, the cost of sterilization is out of reach for many families, but also, more awareness is needed from owners.
Sadly, many people believe the solution is to place the animals “out-of-sight”, either by leaving them near the local dumpsite (a place where they can catch illness), on the highway (high risk of being hit by cars) or worst of all, being poisoned.
In the search of ways to help these innocent animals, AYUDAMUTT was created. AYUDAMUTT is a non profit organization, formed by friends and neighbors from Boca de Tomatlan, all volunteers.
when did AYUDAMUTT start
It has been several years since Boca de Tomatlan neighbors took action to keep the cat and dog  population healthy and under control.
In 2003, the first spay/ neuter campaign was held in Boca de Tomatlan.
Altruist Vet. from Yelapa operated approximately 20 dogs, Zorra included. Back then, beautiful brilliant Zorra was just a small puppy rescued from the street, destined to live a miserable existance; she became the beloved -now elder- dog of a Boca family.
It has been more than 10 yrs since that first spay/neuter campaign (organized by neighbors and friends) was held; many more followed.  The SSA, their vets and mobile unit have also been supportive, coming out to perform sterilizations  during the summer of several consecutive years.
why did AYUDAMUTT form?
because of cases like these:
Penny, the abandoned weeks old puppy, found at the dumpsite.
She is now an adult doggy, part of a loving family.
Canela, the youg female pup, with a broken leg from being hit by a car. She received the best treatment possible, considering the lack of funds. Once she recovered, she traveled to Canada to be with her new forever family.
Canela, the youg female pup, with a broken leg from being hit by a car. She received the best treatment possible, considering the lack of funds. Once she recovered, she traveled to Canada to be with her new forever family.
Euthanasia cases
Many of the abandoned or family dogs roam the Boca streets, including the busy highway. The result has been countless runovers;  irresponsible owners or lack of an owner, means these dogs, if they survive the accident, may live to suffer broken limbs and lack of proper care.
This was the case of Alba, a beautiful young female that suffered a slow and painful death. When she was able to receive the proper medical attention,  it was too late for her. The most humane decision at that point was euthanasia.
Miss Piggy was the most impacting case we have experienced.  This elder, semi deaf/ semi blind girl was found roaming the streets of Boca de Tomatlan. After being in a local foster home for over six months and many efforts to find her a forever home, a very unexpected reencounter occured.
A friend of her family  recognized the 15yr old, in a photo posted on AYUDAMUTT’s facebook page; she was reunited with her family of 14+ years.
Adopted: (many photos of happy dogs and cats here).
External Support
In the last few years, we have received support from many rescue groups. These groups have helped fund expensive vet medical treatments, shared food, offered their homes to foster and found forever homes for many of our rescued pups. In many cases, rescued dogs and cats have been adopted into loving homes, traveling as far as the US and Canada.
Common problems suffered by the Boca de Tomatlan dogs and cats
– typical illnesses:
    venereal tumors (TVT), mange , ehrliquia and anaplasma, to mention some.
– runovers
– wounds due to dog/cat fights
– poisoning
what does AYUDAMUTT need
AYUDAMUTT are local residents, volunteering and working together to improve the quality of life of the local dogs and cats.
Volunteers to sponsor food, medicines, vaccinations or sterilization; foster an rescued animal, walking a fostered animal, or simply sharing this information is great.
Your help is needed!
We wish each dog or cat born could  have a worthy life and great home.
Preventing unwanted litters by sterilization, will be the solution to the overpopulation and poor quality of life for these animals, not by disappearing the existing population.
For more info about  what AYUDAMUTT does or to be part of this effort, email to:  ayudamutthelps@gmail.com
___ I (we) would appreciate to receive the AYUDAMUTT newsletter.
Sponsorship format
___ I (we) wish to sponsor the sterilization of a street dog/cat or dog/cat belonging to a family without financial resources, at the next Spay/Neuter Clinic to be held in Boca de Tomatlan.
___I (we) would appreciate to receive images of my sponsored pet.
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