Tom Explains key points in painting in plein air
Tom Lynch talks about composition in a plein air watercolor in front of the Casa
Tom Lynch brings his unique artistic vision, technical expertise and professionalism, along with his warm, friendly and fun loving personality to makes this a special Casa Experience. This unique workshop is designed to give you a rich cultural tour as well as the opportunity to spend timeless moments creating art work as we develop priceless memories together in the uncommon atmosphere of Casa de los Artistas. In this unique workshop, Tom shares techniques for both painting watercolor in the field – “plein air” as well as the studio.
Tom'sDemo ValueChange4 depth-layers 
Tom demos different value changes to create depth


Tom Lynch shares his unique techniques and years of painting experience in his warm and personal teaching style. The result is a wealth of information presented to the participants along with practical time for each artist to paint under Tom’s tutelage. There will be time spent in the Casa’s magnificent open air studio with sweeping views of the ocean, river and quaint village of Boca de Tomatlan, as well as time spent painting on location in plein air. Tom will provide a daily painting demonstration with detailed explanations of all the “hows” and “whys” followed by individual assistance for each student daily.Tom'sDemo PAINT WITHOUT a PENCIL SKETCH

Tom shares an exercise in painting without a pencil sketch and shares various elements that make for a successful painting – i.e. Learn to simplify, have your brush make a mark that is the symbol of an object – so it “seems like the object”, not “looks like” the specific object, think before you paint, which brush/technique, etc. is best for your particular objective, vary the marks you make when there are elements of repetition … and so much more…

Tom shares a slideshow from his last Casa Workshop Experience
– But that’s not all
, make sure you bring your camera, journal and sketchbook, as there will be numerous cultural excursions as well. And, during this special week, on January 12 is the annual celebration of… The Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadeloupe! This is a rare opportunity to witness and participate in a very authentic rural Mexican Fiesta – not on any tourist routes! We will visit the Mt. town of El Tuito, this is the home town of our chef Ruby and her assistants and our grounds keeper Faustino, who commute 40 minutes by bus each day to Boca. A quaint Ranchero town, we will be having lunch and tequila tasting at a hacienda restaurant right off the Zocalo, do some sketching and photography as the town is transformed and we join in the evening Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadeloupe. There is a Parade down the main street of town by many of the surrounding villages culminating with performances, mariachis, and fiesta in the Zocalo and fireworks at the church!

Mariachis-in-Tuito-parade-Fiesta-Virg-de-GuadalupeMariachis during the parade in El Tuito.

The week is filled with many special cultural excursions and highlights. We will spend the day as Tom demos his techniques for painting incredible flora and vistas as we make the hacienda at the award winning Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens our studio and paint and photograph the day away and where we will also be served a delicious lunch. On another day we will experience the gorgeous rock formations of the Mexican Pacific coast as we take a boat trip, (with opportunity of seeing whales, dolphin, tortoise and mantas) and then onto sketch and picnic at a beautiful beach.

DolphinPod3Dolphin pod outside the Boca Bay

A special treat will be the opportunity for cooking class with the wonderful Casa chef Ruby. Learn how to prepare authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine; from a variety of salsa’s, to main entrees and deserts. Then enjoy the results with new friends in a relaxed and fun environment.

Ruby teaching a cooking class

Ruby teaching a cooking class at the Casa

Join Tom and Linda Lynch, Bob and Monica for a unique week of Watercolor Secrets Revealed and Creativity, Culture, Cuisine – January 7 -14, 2017.


A Special Bed Awaits You…

a special bed awaits you 72dpi

“It is very hard to think of anything that could improve the Casa Experience. Even when a participant chooses to depart from the program, the acceptance and willingness of our hosts to accommodate was wonderful. Don’t change a thing… On a scale of 1 to 10, an eleven would be too low! All was outstanding and wonderful.” – Ed Pulik, Washington, DC