Loose does not Equal Unstructured
– Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage Workshop with Bob Burridge
“This Workshop was wonderful – 11 out of 10. The Group was great, our hosts were lovely and welcoming, the place is beautiful. This was the best of many, many workshops I’ve attended. Bob’s communication, inspiration, knowledge and mastery were excellent!”
– B.K., Bethesda, MD

Bob Burridge making the rounds to each artist at his last workshop at the Casa  

If you have taken a workshop with Bob Burridge before than he needs no introduction. If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to experience his unique teaching style and garner the wealth of information, insight and inspiration he shares, (you can read more about the actual workshop at the Casa here).

A dedicated painter, Bob has an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm for painting and the creative process. He shares his wit and wisdom in a generous and contagious manner.

Bob Burridge shares a wealth of information through his lectures, demos and practical information and  suggestions.

“Free Range #14“, acrylic, Robert Burridge

Though Bob is known famously for his for his loose abstracted paintings and his unique ability to help painters loosen up and be more expressive through his workshops and mentoring programs, that doesn’t mean he is not organized or highly disciplined. On the contrary, both in his workshop presentation and his daily painting regimen he is thoroughly organized and structured. It is through this structure that one is liberated to be loose and still achieve your desired results.

Some of the structure and discipline Bob has developed in his creative process comes through in his teaching process and schedule. One of these ways his dedication to sharing his enthusiasm for the painting process manifests is in his “Weekly Bob Blast” These are short videos that he publishes through his newsletter and on his website every Monday, (he has archived on his website some 80+ of them). If you haven’t seen any of these we are sharing that link above.

We can get a greater appreciation and insight into Bob’s creative genius and discipline when we look a little bit at his past achievements ….

…. Bob graduated from the University of the Arts (formerly Philadelphia College of Art) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design and a minor in Fine Art Painting. As a designer, he had the opportunity to create and invent new products for Litton Industries (the first production electronic cash register and bar code scanner for retail and food stores), Becton- Dickinson (medical, surgical and biomechanical devices) and as the Principal Designer for Westinghouse Electronic Corporation, he produced product designs for 15 Divisions, receiving the Grand Industrial Design Award of the Year in 1976 for a Power Circuit Breaker, an Uninterruptible Power System, an Advanced Nuclear Control room consoles and Industrial Control switches.

And finally, as an independent design consultant living in Santa Barbara, California, he invented new wheelchairs for the severely disabled, designed the first digital sound editing consoles for a Hollywood sound studio to edit the blockbuster movie, “StarsWars” and created the electronic circuit breaker featured in the movie “Jurassic Park.”

Roberts’ other product designs include a kitchen line for Corning Glass, a hands-free automatic soap dispenser and hand dryer for public rest rooms, surgically implanted body parts, custom wheelchairs for Cerebral Palsied children, brain surgical drills as well as a few whimsical products like tubular fabric lights, desk accessories and Teva Sandals, to name a few. During this time he held the honored position as Consultant to the President’s Committee for the Handicapped, Adjunct Professor of Design at Cooper Union Art College, NewYork, the Visiting Critic Advisor for photography at Harvard University and finally, CEO and Design Principal of his own advertising and design agency, which was rated as Fortune’s Top, Fastest Growing Companies in 1984. He was elected into the Human Factors Society and the International Council of Color Consultants. Robert holds 23 design, mechanical and chemical patents. During all this time, however, at night and on weekends, he turned into another person… a painter. Eventually his ever longing passion to invent new paintings consumed him.

In 1985, he turned his passion into his second career. Robert retired from industrial design and became a full time, contemporary fine art painter, moved to California’s Central Coast and prepared to paint for the rest of his life. Today, besides painting, he is an invited juror for international art shows, college and national painting workshop instructor, and teaches a fine art mentor program in central France. Selected as the honorary President of the International Society of Acrylic Painters, he holds a signature member position with them and with the Philadelphia Watercolor Society.

Roberts’ original paintings can be seen in six international galleries, on Starbucks Coffee mugs, Pearl Vodka bottles, eight tapestries and on fine art edition prints in upscale retail stores and cruise ships. Roberts’ work has received lifetime honors, including The Franklin Mint Award and the Philadelphia Water color Society’s prestigious Crest Medal Award for achievement in the arts previously awarded to Pablo Picasso, John Singer Sargent and Georgia O’Keeffe.

It is said “your heart doesn’t know how old you are.” For Bob, it’s true. Painting everyday in his small studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean, he feels like a kid again playing with color, design, paint and canvas, which reminds him of the saying, “It’s never too late to be what you should have always been.” Follow your bliss!

Robert teaches a variety of painting workshops to professional and emerging painters throughout the United States, Mexico and France. His workshops have historically changed artists’ lives forever. Daily, he receives letters and emails from artists who have attended his classes and whose careers have taken off in new and productive directions.  Robert Burridge has written and published two artist books: Loosen Up Studio Workbook and Art Marketing: The Business of Selling Your Art. Plus he has produced and starred in numerous teaching videos and DVDs. His wife, career manager and best friend, Kate, co-produced all of the above. He is also a contributing writer for Art Calendar magazine and has written features for various magazines, periodicals and newsletters.

ArtWorkshopVacations.com, Casa de los Artistas, Inc. Robert Masla Studios South is excited to welcome Bob Burridge back to the Casa, January 21 -28, 2017Bob is A Blast!

 Whales seen during the boat trip at Bob’s last workshop at the Casa