Back in late September, I had the pleasure of taking a long weekend trip up to the white Mountains of New Hampshire with some old friends. We had all been for many (approx. 15+ years) part of a weekly mens’ group, and not by any conscious planning on our part, we all happen to be artists. Peter Kitchell Infront of Bierdstadt, St Johnsburry Athenaeum

 Peter Kitchell In front of Bierstadt painting as seen from the “custom built viewing balcony at the St. Johnsburry Athenaeum

On our way to our camping destination we took the opportunity to visit the St. Johnsburry Anthenaeum, (Monica and I had visited it years ago on a trip up to Montreal and I had longed to return). Aside from the library/museum being a feast of late nineteenth century Victorian architecture, it houses a wonderful small collection of paintings, (about 100). A must see destination if you are traveling the area. Among the treasures -though in need of lot’s of restoration, is Albert Bierstadts’ magnificent 10′ x 15′ painting, “Domes of Yosemite”….A unique feature is the special viewing balcony that was built for looking at the painting. Climbing up to the balcony you get a very uncommon perspective for viewing this large work, it gives you the feeling that you are looking down into the Yosemite Valley, augmenting Biestadts already dramatic perspective. A real treat!

The rest of the weekend found us hiking to wonderful waterfalls for sketching and painting. returning to the campfire for great conversation and laughs and long games of cards! – Something of a running joke, with trouble convincing them that I never play cards, (which I don’t) -but to everyones surprise, especially my own – I won every game! – Didn’t help that I was constantly asking them to repeat the rules, I looked like a perfect shill, but it wasn’t an act. below are some more photos from the trip as well as a sketch I did at one of the falls and a tonal painting inspired from the trip as well.
Glenn Ellis Falls, Approx. 60ft.
James Steinberg

Artist:Illustrator James Steinberg infront of Falls

DSC_0166 part of Glenn Ellis Falls

At Glenn Ellis Falls
Sabbaday Falls
Peter Kitchell Hunting4aShotDSC_0213
Peter Kitchell –  “Hunting for a shot”
Found it!DSC_0239
Found it!
Ken Condon Painting DSC_0297
Ken Condon painting
Ken Condon SketchingDSC_0283Ken Painting
Bobs' Sketch and wash drawing at Gleen Ellis Falls, 9-21-13
Bobs’ sketch and wash drawing at Glenn Ellis Falls
Bobs' tonal painting of Glenn Ellis Falls

Bobs’ tonal painting of Glenn Ellis Falls